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A look at Websites - Political Parties of Canada

With all of the political hype going on in Canada these days I thought it would be interesting to check out what website technologies the political parties are using.

Update: Removed the Data location column as it is not really relevent as some websites are using a CDN (Content Delivery Network). 


High Speed Internet in Remote Locations

Getting high speed internet in remote locations can be difficult.  If you have an office in a remote location such as a cottage or summer home, some options are available.

Cellular Internet

USB stick, Hub or Tethered Cell Phone - these normally come in the option of a USB stick,  Router/Hub or Cell Phone with a built in 4G/LTE connection and can provide comparable speeds to DSL or Cable.


If it ain’t broke, maintain it

You’ve probably heard the saying before; “If it aint broke, don’t fix it”.  People often say this about technology implying that if your computers and network are working fine, that you shouldn’t touch or update anything.

In the world of business technology this is often a very bad approach as things become unmaintained and seriously outdated .  The technology can become very insecure, and also can’t be properly supported when there is a problem.  If your technology isn’t broken a better approach is to properly maintain it.


Securing Website Connections with SSL

As websites are becoming more complex they are also becoming more susceptible to attackers.

SSL certificates can be used to add security to websites and help protect the connections from attackers.  Recently Google has also announced that they will rank websites that use SSL certificates higher.  For this reason it’s a good time to consider using an SSL certificate on your website.


New website for Otherdata!

After several years and it was finally time for a revamp of our website.  We are happy to announce our new website!  A lot of hard work went into this over the last several months.  Thanks to everyone involved!

The new website features a new look & feel, colour scheme and is more mobile compatible than ever.

In the coming weeks we will be adding more information, products & services.  We will also be upgrading to a new eCommerce system that will help customers access their services, and support more easily.


Analysing Network Traffic Usage with nTop

In many businesses today users share a single internet connection.  The internet connection can easily become overloaded by users streaming videos, downloading files, checking email…etc.  The result of this is slow internet that may even cut out at times.  This can cause loss of productivity for employees.

Policies are normally put in place on routers such as QOS (Quality of Service), or bandwidth limits.  These policies help prevent users from overloading network connections, but they don’t provide information on what is overloading a network connection.