Analysing Network Traffic Usage with nTop

In many businesses today users share a single internet connection.  The internet connection can easily become overloaded by users streaming videos, downloading files, checking email…etc.  The result of this is slow internet that may even cut out at times.  This can cause loss of productivity for employees.

Policies are normally put in place on routers such as QOS (Quality of Service), or bandwidth limits.  These policies help prevent users from overloading network connections, but they don’t provide information on what is overloading a network connection.


Buyer's Guide: Business Phone Systems

Polycom SoundPoint IP

It’s finally time to get rid of that ancient PBX phone system that is in the closet at your business.  There are some things business owners should be aware of when purchasing a new business phone system.

Cloud Hosted or On Premises

Business phone systems are now often offered in two forms.  A Cloud Hosted phone system is when the phone system is hosted in a datacenter.  On Premises is when the phone system is located at your office.

Optimizing WordPress & Drupal Websites

When working with websites it's important to consider website optimization.  Information that is sent through the internet consumes bandwidth and bandwidth can often be a limited resource.  The last thing you want is your website visitor to have a slow loading website.  For visitors coming from mobile devices website optimization is especially important.

In this blog I am going to show you how you can view the size of your website and then make choices on what needs optimizing.


Why use a Canadian Web Host?

Calgary At Night

The use of a Canadian web hosting company for your business is a key component of a successful website.  It enables companies to access customized web hosting solutions that are both reliable and secure.  The use of a Canadian service provider gives your businesses the opportunity to partner with safe and dedicated host with data stored in secure Canadian data centres. 


Top Advanced Website Technologies of 2013

This year we have seen some really good technologies emerging in the web world.  Most of these technologies are not widely adopted yet, but a lot of companies are starting to use them.  At Otherdata we are immersed in and fully support these great technologies!  I’ve put together this quick list of technologies you shouldn’t be missing out on in 2013.


What is Responsive Web Design?

A term that is commonly being used in todays web industry is Responsive Web Design (RWD).  So, what is responsive web design exactly?

Responsive web design is the process of making websites that work on a wide range of devices.  These devices often range from your mobile phone andtablet devices to your desktop computer.  Responsive Web Design involves using different techniques such fluid grids, breakpoints and media queries to build the website.  These technologies allow the website to load or “respond” differently depending on the size of the device.