Why use a Canadian Web Host?

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The use of a Canadian web hosting company for your business is a key component of a successful website.  It enables companies to access customized web hosting solutions that are both reliable and secure.  The use of a Canadian service provider gives your businesses the opportunity to partner with safe and dedicated host with data stored in secure Canadian data centres. 


Top Advanced Website Technologies of 2013

This year we have seen some really good technologies emerging in the web world.  Most of these technologies are not widely adopted yet, but a lot of companies are starting to use them.  At Otherdata we are immersed in and fully support these great technologies!  I’ve put together this quick list of technologies you shouldn’t be missing out on in 2013.


What is Responsive Web Design?

A term that is commonly being used in todays web industry is Responsive Web Design (RWD).  So, what is responsive web design exactly?

Responsive web design is the process of making websites that work on a wide range of devices.  These devices often range from your mobile phone andtablet devices to your desktop computer.  Responsive Web Design involves using different techniques such fluid grids, breakpoints and media queries to build the website.  These technologies allow the website to load or “respond” differently depending on the size of the device.


Software Review - FreePBX Phone System

One of my favorite new open source solutions is the FreePBX Asterisk Based Phone System.  FreePBX is a free phone system project based on Asterisk technology which is sponsored by and Schmooze Com, Inc.  Why is it so great? FreePBX provides enterprise quality phone system features but for free!  A CentOS Linux based distribution is available which allows for a quick and easy installation.  If you are a Linux fan, you will love this project.  Since the system is based on a Linux operating system it is very reliable and very customizable.

New PHP Selector Tool!

In response to the problems a lot of older websites had with the recent PHP 5.4 update, we have introduced a new web hosting tool.  PHP Selector.  This software was released just in the nick of time on Dec 5th 2012 to address compatibility issues a lot of companies are now facing with running outdated websites such as Drupal 6. 

PHP Selector allows you to select older versions of PHP for your website….and best of all it is integrated with cPanel!


PHP 5.4 and Drupal 6

It appears as though a lot of older Drupal 6 websites have issues working with the most current industry standard in PHP which is PHP 5.4.x. Recent upgrades in the web hosting world have forced us to upgrade to PHP 5.4, while in turn causing older websites not to function. You may come across errors like the one below:

So... what's the solution?  


Why Should You Backup Your Servers?

Having a server failure or disaster can create a crippling effect on your business.  These days most businesses store critical information on their servers.  Although servers are reliable, if there is a failure or disaster large amounts of critical information can be lost….and for good.

For these reasons it is important to come up with disaster recovery plan for your business.  Sit down with an IT consultant to come up with a disaster recovery plan.